Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Why are backups so hard?

Like everyone else I need  a backup solution and I have been putting this off to long. Here is the thing I want this to be as simple as possible. I have my laptop with stuff on it and I have a file server with free space. So it should be simple right? Choose what to back up (and what not too) and have it make a compressed copy of everything to backup onto the file server. Ideally compress it at the same time.

I looked at Apple's Time Machine and it wants either a directly attached drive or their backup server. No Joy there :( I don't want to buy their thingy and Don't want to buy a hard drive just for this.

I looked at a bunch of other things online all of which seem really complex and cost money, both of which I want to avoid if I can.

My final Solution... Tar and a shell script

I mounted the backup volume on my mac and created a script to tar everything up and copy it over my net.  I will add it to the chrontab later to backup every night after I go to bed.

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